Welcome to the UNL Homecoming Application


Due Saturday, May 9 by 11:59 pm

Start: 09/01/2020 11:59:59 PM
Due: Saturday, May 9 by 11:59 pm

Notified: May 22
Interview Sign-Up: Interviews will take place via ZOOM TBD

Interviews for King & Queen: Interviews will take place via ZOOM TBD

Finalists Announced: June 2020
Pictures: Fall TBA

NOTE: The Application is the only factor in whether or not you get an interview.

Grade Release: All applicants must be full time students, completed at least 75 hours (by the end of this semester, so including this semester's hours), and have a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Application Tips

  • The Homecoming Royalty application has professional expectations. Proofread and spell-check your application before submitting. It is highly encouraged to use the UNL Writing Center or a faculty/staff member to check for grammatical errors.
  • Be specific and concise about each experience, activity, and leadership position.
  • Judges will be not be just looking for spread of impact on campus and in the Lincoln community, but also depth of impact.
  • Reflect on all experiences you have had at UNL and be sure to include each of them.

2 Reference Forms: There is a reference form that contains rankings that must be filled out by a professional reference - they do not need to write anything, simply fill out a form. These may be from an advisor, professor, coach, manager, supervisor, etc. It may NOT be filled out by a fellow student. The reference forms must be filled out by Saturday, May 9 by 11:59 pm. If your reference forms are late your application will not be accepted.

There are three (3) separate application tracks: Academics, Athletics, and Involvement. Students must choose one of the three tracks keeping in mind that:

  1. Academic Track is not meant solely for high GPA or Honor Students. It is for those that have made an impact through academics such as TA’s, research assistants, tutors;
  2. Athletics is not limited to University of Nebraska varsity sports (e.g. horseback riding, intramural sports, etc.; are included);
  3. Involvement includes all University organizations with the exception of athletics (e.g. University Program Council) and volunteer organizations beyond the scope of UNL (e.g. volunteering at a hospital).

Resume and School Spirit: There is a prompt asking you to explaining your definition of school spirit and why it is important to you. You must also upload a current copy of your resume in PDF format.

Involvement Sheets: Each applicant must complete 2 involvement sheets for their separate track. The involvement chosen should relate to the University of Nebraska.

Homecoming Finalist Dress Requirements: Finalists are required to wear business formal to the finalist picture and at the Homecoming Game. Throughout the week, finalists are to wear the jacket provided to them. Ladies: Red sweater and white button down shirt or red cardigan sweater set, black or red slacks/skirt, black shirt Men: Black Blazer and slacks, white collared shirt, plain Nebraska red tie

Pictures: The twenty candidates (10 men, 10 women) selected are required to pose in a group photo for the Homecoming Royalty poster and football program. Pictures will be held in the Fall TBA. If you think you may be a finalist, please make sure you are available.

For questions, please contact Marlene Beyke, 2020 Homecoming Royalty Coordinator, at unlhomecomingroyalty@gmail.com

All Homecoming Events are required for the finalists. The first being the pictures in the Fall TBA (see above). The other events will be scheduled soon and finalists will be notified of the events following semi-finalist interviews.